October 21, 2005

High quality music downloads

MusicGiants is a relatively new music service. Launched September 29, it features music encoded with Microsoft's Windows Media Lossless format, which, according to Microsoft, ensures that there is no loss in quality over the original. The service costs $50/year and $1.29 per track, although they waive the yearly fee if you give them $250 for downloads. Yes, it requires that you use their client software, something that I find unfortuntate but, still, to get legal high quality tracks without having to worry about an actual CD, it's probably worth it. Myself, I still prefer to actually have the CD in my hands but I may sign up just for grins.

See this article on BetaNews for a review.

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October 20, 2005

Google's web-based RSS reader

It's here but you'll need a Google account, which you can easily create, or, if you have a GMail account, you can use that. Matter of fact, you can use any of the accounts that you have already created with Google.

My early opinion? It's not a Bloglines but it's an OK start.

Update, October 21: Well, I've played with it a bit and I'll take function over form anyday. Yeah, it's cute and the way it interacts with the user is neat-o keen but if you've got an active site you're tracking via RSS or more than a couple of subscriptions, I find it too unwieldy. Maybe it's just me ... I haven't given up yet and will continue to work with it but, for now, Bloglines is still my number one app.

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October 19, 2005

Finally, an extension for tweaking Firefox

Heretofore, tweaking Firefox has been a matter of reading an article, running about:config and playing with the values there or, if you're trusting, running FireTune. Finally, someone's come out with an extension to help you manage your tweaks. While there may already be a number of these out there, FasterFox is the first I've seen. Screenshots are here if you wanna see what it looks like before you install it.

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October 18, 2005

Virtual WiFi

engadget reports that Microsoft's research labs has released a set of software to virtually clone your WiFi card, allowing you to appear to have multiple cards installed so you can, for instance, connect to multiple wireless networks.

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October 17, 2005

Don't apply that patch!

If you haven't yet installed the fix for MS05-051, you might want to take a look at this bulletin and make sure your permissions are set right. Apparently if they've been changed on certain folders, you could have trouble logging in, starting apps and running Windows Firewall.

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