October 11, 2005

NSLookup for WINS?

Ever need to do the equivalent of an nslookup on a WINS server? No, it's not the same. As I've said before, Windows IT Pro has a lot of good newsletters and the most recent issue of their "Windows Tips & Tricks UPDATE" gives a pointer to NBLookup.exe that Microsoft released about a year ago.

What can you do? Pretty much what you would expect but see the Microsoft article link, above, for details.

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October 10, 2005

TabMixPlus - Firefox extension for tabbed browsing

Yeah, I know, there are a LOT of extensions out there that enable/assist with tabbed browsing in Firefox. I've just run across Tab Mix Plus and am trying it out. It's replaced 5 extensions for me and, so far, it doesn't look like I've lost any functionality.

And may even replace SessionSaver .2.

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Murky News write-up on BPL (Broadband over Power Lines)

Looks like we're getting closer to my goal of not rewiring my house and yet still being able to network my home without the benefit of WiFi (see this entry about my new computer). The San Jose Mercury News had an article (registration required, I think) in this morning's paper about networking your computers using your home's power lines and another article about power companies connecting homes to the Internet.

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