October 24, 2007

Google Maps overlay for the San Diego county fires

KPBS has put up this overlay for Google Maps that gives information about the fires in the San Diego area including evacuations and evacuation centers.

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Leopard isn't the only system that does stacks

While I think they've got a better handle on the visual aspect, Apple isn't the only OS company that can do stacks. This CyberNe's CyberNotes article explains how to use the stack feature in Vista's Explorer.

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Gmail's rolling out IMAP support!

DownloadSquad is reporting that Google's rolling out IMAP support! The lack of IMAP has been the main thing stopping me from using GMail as my primary mail platform. Lifehacker has a good entry about it here. Don't let the iPhone part of the title put you off -- it's for everyone.

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Email on your cell phone via teleflip.com

Teleflip.com allows you to send and receive email on your mobile phone as text messages. There's a decent run-down of the service on this page.

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