August 10, 2007

Throw-away email addresses

Lifehacker has become one of my favorite sites (thanks, Vern!). This time they talk about 10 Minute Mail, a site that will create an email address for you that's only good for 10 minutes. Need to get onto a site that requires an email address but you just don't wanna give them one of yours? -- use 10 Minute Mail! The domains that the email address originates from changes every month or so which means there's very little danger of a sysadmin banning the domain. And if you need the address to survive for 20 minutes, you can click a link on the site that extends the life of the email address.

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IE7Pro - bring some Firefox features to IE7

IE7Pro brings a number of features from the most popular Firefox extensions to Internet Explorer 7. It includes ad blocking technology, can automatically open new tabs from addresses typed in the address bar, session recovery, GreaseMonkey-like user scripting and inline searching among other things. I've added it to my standard IE7 kit bag.

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August 06, 2007

Use AIM to send text messages

This may be old news to you but it's new to me. You can use AOL Instant Messenger to send a text message to your friend's mobile phone. If your friend's mobile number is 408-555-1212, just send to AIM buddy +14085551212. Your friend can even reply to the message and you'll get it back as an instant message. Found this over at lifehacker from this post back in 2005!

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Alternative mobile voicemail services: Callwave and YouMail

More about this later but Callwave and YouMail offer free alternative voicemail services for mobile phone users. Both include a we-based interface to retrieve your voicemail as well as text and email notification of new messages. Callwave can also provide a text-based summary of your voicemail with their Vtxt service. It's supposed to be different than just speech-to-text in that it squeezes out unnecessary and redundant information. How well does it work? I dunno yet.

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