May 06, 2005

Digital broadcast flag struck down by federal appeals court

Aunty Spam's Net Patrol reports in this article that a federal appeals court has ruled that the FCC overstepped their bounds in mandating that the anti-copying scheme be implemented in all devices and digital broadcasts. The facility was supposed to be effective July 1, 2005.

I wonder if there will be a further appeal, don't you?

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Google Maps connected with Yahoo! Traffic

This article from Silicon Beat (a technology news weblog from our local rag) links you to this site which shows you traffic info from Yahoo! laid on top of a Google map. Yes, you can switch the map to satellite and back. Pretty neat. Don't know how many applications there are for this ... I suppose you could see where construction is being done and recognize it by landmark or something. I liek it, though! It's a creative application of technology.

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T-Mobile shows their wireless coverage

At street-level, no less. This article by Dan Gillmor sends you to this T-Mobile page where you can type in an address or select an intersection and see what the coverage is supposed to be like. I check my work location and it says "Good" while I'd rate it only fair -- 1 bar, at best. Still, as Mr. Gillmor says, at least they're willing to show it!

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