March 19, 2004

San Diego State Private Data Theft

SDSU says they were compromised and the personal data of all 178,000 students and alumni may have been compromised. Read about it at Sign On San Diego

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March 18, 2004

It's B-day!

No, Broadband day. After waiting 7 years, I finally got broadband. Yeah, believe it or not, in Silicon Valley there're whole neighborhoods that can't get any broadband -- too far for DSL and no digital cable. Well, Comcast has been dragging fibre and tearing up the streets around here for a couple of weeks now and yesterday I got a call from an automated voice. I almost hung up but when she said "Comcast" I listened.

To make a long story short, I installed my modem with my self-install kit today and have been hitting 3.1Mbps on my downloads.

Yes, welcome to the 90s.

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OpenSSL vulnerabilities

CERT has released advisory TA04-078A which discusses several vulnerabilities in OpenSSL. I've seen quite a few update notices from the major Linux vendors (including Cygwin) so they're convering it, the only thing that we have to do is install the updates.

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March 15, 2004

Offshore data security/data privacy

Information Week has this article which discusses one of my main concerns about offshoring -- what about the security of the data we ship over and how can we make sure it a) doesn't get in to the wrong hands and b) isn't used for the "wrong" purposes?

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