January 17, 2004

Wi-Fi links

BAWUG - SF Bay Area
JiWire - General Wi-Fi resource
PracticallyNetworked - Networking, wired and wireless
WiFi NetNews - Weblog format. Part of JiWire.
WiFiFreeSpot - directory of wireless access points -- access is free although sometimes it requires a purchase of food or something like that. (added 1/18/2004)

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January 16, 2004

Miranda can connect to Yahoo again

Like every other 3rd party IM app, Miranda was unable to connect with Yahoo once they made their switch-over to the new server (scs.msg.yahoo.com) and authentication mechanism about a week ago. Trillian, GAIM, Easy Message and others all managed to fix their code but the Miranda commuinity is pretty loose-knit and the Yahoo protocol isn't "owned" by anyone in the core team so it took a little while for someone to grab the latest libyahoo2 and incorporate it into the Yahoo plug-in. Anyway, I've downloaded it (pointer to the download location is in this Yahoo plug-in thread in the Miranda forum.

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January 13, 2004

Bad business

RipOffReport (aka BadBusinessBureau.com) is a pretty good site that lists "bad" companies and the rip-offs they perpetrate on their consumers. It looks a bit sensationalistic and I'm tempted to not trust them because of that. I dunno, decide for yourself.

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January 12, 2004

Yahoo! Messenger authentication changes

Yahoo's changed something in their Messenger authentication again and it's knocked my favorite multi-IM client, Miranda, out. Trillian's got it working as does GAIM and a new one that I found today -- Easy Message Express (can't remember how I found this one, sorry).

I find Miranda meets my needs better than the others but until they can get get the lastest libyahoo2 incorporated I guess I'll stick with Trillian.

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