January 02, 2004

Anti-SPAM site: www.deflexion.com

Nancy McGough (Infinite Ink) has been a major source of information for me when it comes to PINE and email in general. I came across her Deflexion site quite by accident and find it's also an excellent source of information, this time about email in general and SPAM and anti-SPAM measures in particular. Here is where I learned about meN@privacy.net, The SpamBouncer: a Procmail-Based Spam Filter and EmailDiscussions.com.

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January 01, 2004

Wireless (mostly) networking pages

Network World Fusion -- focused more on the enterprise and business wireless.

Tom's Networking -- SmallNetBuilder and Tom's Hardware Networking Guide join forces

PracticallyNetworked -- by the Internet.com folks but still pretty decent.

(Update at 14:51) FirewallGuide has a wireless page. Looks just a little dated but there are some interesting links.

(Update at 14:55) How could I forget eWeek's Wireless Guide?

More as I find 'em.

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December 31, 2003

Interesting email client: Mulberry

I'm trying out the Mulberry email client from Cyrusoft. It's supposedly the "premier" IMAP client. It's multi-platform (Unix/Mac/Windows) and it shows. Navigation is awkward because it doesn't follow the Windows navigation model but, aside from that, it's pretty good. It's pricey -- $35 if I recall. No, $35 isn't a lot of money but, given that Thunderbird is free as is Outlook Express, it's a lot of money.

Anyone have other alternatives?

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RFC2646: Content-Type: Text/plain; format=flowed

Ever see a plain text email whose formatting is such that words and quoting are all ragged and difficult to read? This RFC attempts to address that. Which email clients honor this setting? Well, Mulberry and Thunderbird appear to. Not sure about any others but I imagine if PINE doesn't now, it will in the next rev.

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December 30, 2003


Hmm ... I've gotta check out DarwinPorts for OS X. Looks like it might be similar to some of the packages that help download/update open software on other platforms (Cygwin and RPMFind come to mind).

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On the hunt for a new email client

I've been using Thunderbird as my primary email client for a couple of months now. I started with the released version and then moved on to daily builds. I still use Outlook to maintain my contacts and calendar but I rarely use it to manage my email because, well, it's too dangerous and, since I'm on dial-up, too slow. Too dangerous because of all the HTML-based email viruses (virii?), the web beacons and the other sneaky things that marketing types put in their mailings (if it were easier to switch between HTML and plain-text mode these things wouldn't be as much of an issue for me). Too slow because ... well, I don't know why it's too slow but when I'm at home on my dial-up connection it takes a lot longer to sync up my IMAP email than when I'm on broadband. No, it's not just a dial-up/broadband difference! -- Thunderbird gives me quite acceptable performance whether I'm on dial-up or broadband. And my settings are the same in both cases -- I don't download the message bodies, just the headers.

Anyway, Thunderbird is a great client but as they continue with their development the UI is slowing down a bit so I'm looking for a new email client. Prior to Thunderbird I used Pine almost exclusively and I still use it as my backup client. I've been looking at PocoMail. If anyone has recommendations either post a comment or drop me an email. You can use comments -- at -- tonys-links -- dot -- com.

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