December 20, 2003

Panther StartupItems

Apple's Panther has introduced a new way to create StartupItems and it's discussed in this article from the Apple developer site.

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OS X boot process

Ever wonder what happens when a Mac boots OS X? More than you ever wanted to ever know is revealed in this article from the Apple developer site. The article concentrates on startup -- those processes that take place after the operating system is loaded and contains useful information like rc.boot as well as pointers to other useful Apple developer articles on things like how User Sessions are initialized and what happens during logout, shutdown and restart. It also shows a table of common system daemons and Core startup items.

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December 19, 2003 : keep tabs on friends info just launched. It's free. You create an account and enter your contact information and they provide an RSS feed that your friends can subscribe to so they'll know when you change phone number, email address, postal address, IM account name, all that kinda stuff. They give you the HTML you need to stick on your site so your friends can get to your information easily. In addition your friends can download your contact information in VCF format. And if you can get your friends to sign up you can add them to your list of tracked contacts.

No, the idea isn't perfect. I wouldn't put the supplied HTML on any web page anywhere, for instance ... at least not for my personal contact information. And there have been a lot of companies that've tried this in the past and died away. Hopefully they'll listen to feedback and this one will stick cause the basic idea is a really good one.

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Walmart does downloads

Walmart's doing music downloads for 88 cents per track.

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