November 06, 2003

How to Force a Hardware Abstraction Layer During an Upgrade or New Installation of Windows XP


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How to install NetBEUI in Windows XP


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November 03, 2003

Mount ISO image like a CD

The November 4, 2003 issue of WinXPNews talks about this tool from Microsoft will let you mount an ISO image just like it's a real CD. It's only 60K and is unsupported but free.

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November 02, 2003

Hiding your email address in plain sight

The October 28 issue of Woody's Office Watch has some great tips on obfuscating your email address on web pages and the like. In it, he also gives a link to a web page that lists all 256 characters in URL-encoding form.

So, what does he recommend? Well, yeah, URL-encoding your email address is one good way. Browsers will be able to figure it out but spammers probably won't. He lists more ways, too.

Reading Woody's email lists is probably one of the best time investments I make.

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