October 18, 2003

The PowerBook's coming back!

A while ago, quite a while ago, a friend of mine loaned me a PowerBook. I had to return it to him a couple of months ago and I've missed it. Well, it looks like he's gonna be able to loan it to me again! -- can't wait!

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Outlook Express tips

Tom Koch's Inside Outlook Express is a good site for information, tips and downloads that pertain specifically to Outlook Express. Backup tools, registry and file storage information are all there.

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October 15, 2003

PCMag.com's 101 "most useful sites"

I put that in quotes because, well, as they say: YMMV ("your mileage may vary"). The article has them broken up into classes like Computing-Everyone, Computing-Experts, Shopping and Information. They've also got them all combined into a zip file that you can download and add to your Favorites folder.

Not a lot of surprises here ... i mean their number one shopping site is Amazon.com, but, still, it's nice having them organized in that way.

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Google tips : syntax pointers and even search paper catalogs

PCMag.com has this great article of Google tips. It contains pointers to syntax help on the Google site as well as some things I didn't knew were available like being able to search paper catalogs like, oh, heck, Williams-Sonoma, West Marine and Land's End.

I didn't know Google maintained this list of tools and services before I read the article. Good info.

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October 14, 2003

Recent Yahoo protocol plug-in for Miranda

Most recent version is here -- dated October 9. Discussion of the state of the plug-in and announcements of new versions is here.

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October 12, 2003

Do-Not-Call list has a web bug

TechTV reports that the Do-Not-Call list web page, hosted by AT&T, has a web bug on it that could relate the individual signing up on the page to an IP address if the right reports are run. Now, I haven't given this a lot of thought (yet) but it doesn't seem to me like this is much of an exposure, is it? I mean, by virtue of going to the web page, doesn't AT&T already have everything that the web bug will give them? If AT&T is already hosting and managing the FTC's servers and has sufficient access and rights to put the web bug there in the first place, they certainly have access to all the userinformation. And I can understand, having been in the business for a while, that the web bug would allow AT&T to monitor performance. Still, it seems a little odd.

I think this is probably more a matter of insufficient thought being given to an ordinary business practice.

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IE's changes in response to ActiveX suit

Microsoft's recently published some information and sample/test code to show how they intend to respond to the embedded controls suit they lost to Eolas. In particular, MSDN tells developers on this page how to circumvent the prompts that will most likely arise from the changes. It's an interesting read even if you're not a developer.

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