October 04, 2003

MS03-040 : Fixing what ails Internet Explorer?

Microsoft released two new critical updates for Windows XP/2003.

MS03-040, the October, 2003 Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer points to this download site. It's about a 2MB download for 32-bit Windows systems. It appears this is intended to address some of the ActiveX issues that've been plaguing us all in recent weeks/months but it doesn't actually come out and say that's what it does. I'll continue to follow the newsletters and post something here when I've got a definitive answer.

BTW, this update will cause HTML-based help to cease to function until/unless you've installed the newer HTML Help control from MS KB 811630.

They've also released another critical update to Windows Media Player 828026 - Update for Windows Media Player Script Commands. The article lists registry entries that affect how WMP interprets data embedded in the played datastream. The KB article says it applies only to WMP 6.4, 7.1 and 9 but Microsoft's security bulletin says it also applies to WMP8, the version originally shipped with XP. Anyway, the article points to this download site which has about a 3MB download for WMP 9.

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October 03, 2003

Free WiFi hotpots in/around San Jose CA

Yesterday's San Jose Mercury News had this article that listed free WiFi hotspots in and around the San Jose area including Los Gatos, Campbell, Palo Alto and Santa Cruz. It also has this link to another list.

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MIT's OpenCourseWare

Yes, you can "study" at MIT via their OpenCourseWare catalog. (Courtesy of one of the Lockergnome newsletters)

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October 01, 2003

I've added GeoURL

See the little green GeoURL button over there? Now you can find URLs that are "physically" located near me. I put physically in quotes because ... well, how can you get close to a web site? Heh, you specify a location to GeoURL and they cross-reference you to other sites that have locations near the one you've specified. I'm in San Jose so I used the city's lat./long.

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Scotch : hazardous to the world's health?

Courtesy of Due Diligence, this hilarious article in "Scottish News Direct from Scotland" -- Whiskey of Mass Destruction (WMD) at the Bruichladdich distillery on Islay.

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SoBig et al overwhelms AOL email infastructure?

David Hornik, a contributor over at VentureBlog, put up this entry last night. Interesting article. Briefly, he says he was speaking with someone that "is currently in command of a key piece of (the Internet's) infrastructure" who said that the spambots had so overwhelmed AOL's email infrastructure that they issued a call to the "others at the key choke-points around the web" to help them (I assume this means those that control the MAEs and IBXs and such).

All jokes about the AOL email infrastructure aside, if this is true, it could mean a revolution is in the making ... not that it hasn't been building for a long time ... I mean who do you know who ISN'T sick of spam? He says it may be the end of the Web as we know it but I think he may mean "email" as opposed to "Web". Hope he can get some kind of confirmation.

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Miranda Yahoo protocol

So, you may be aware that Yahoo released a protocol update that locked out 3rd party applications like Trillian, GAIM and Miranda. Well, the Trillian folks were the first to come up with a patch (over the weekend, I believe) and they apparently passed it on to the GAIM folks. The patch, or a semblance of it, made it to libyahoo2 which is a standard yahoo protocol library that you can include in your own software. But, the updates are still in alpha state so they aren't prominently displayed on that site.

But I digress. The update rendered all the 3rd party IM clients unusable. Miranda (my current favorite) has an alpha version of the protocol module available. The one I use is myYahoo20030928b.zip. It's been updated recently so the link may no longer work but I haven't had the need to update (it's alpha -- why should I mess with something that works now? -- if/when it's updated again or I have a problem I'll update again). If you need a link to a usable protocol update, let me know and I'll seek out the newest version for you.

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September 30, 2003


Implemented as an ActiveX control but, hey, what the heck. http://www.spaceinvaders.de. And, if you don't wanna play it "online" you can download clones.

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Slipstick Exchange center has an RSS feed

and it's at http://www.slipstick.com/rssnews/rssnews.aspx. They've been around for a LONG time and always have good information about Outlook and Exchange.

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WinXP Tweaks

The 9/29/2003 Lockergnome Windows Daily has a good section on Windows Tweaks. Things like enabling UDMA66 (I didn't know it wasn't enabled, either!), optimizing placement of startup files and a bunch more.

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September 29, 2003

More ActiveX mishaps

Leo Laporte reports in today's Moanday News that the security hole in Internet Explorer that was supposedly fixed back in August wasn't. And some bright folks have come up with ways to exploit the hole to change dial-up settings so that your computer connects to one of those outrageously expensive phone numbers.

Think you're safe because you've got DSL or a cable modem? Think again! It can send you to spammers sites or do just about anything else to your machine without your knowledge.

The recommendation: disable ActiveX until Microsoft fixes the problem (again!).

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September 28, 2003

Firewall winner : Tiny

I'm just a geek. I like programming a firewall. Even my own software-based firewall. And Tiny's firewall let's me do just that. Like it so much that I bought it ... even with all the free ones out there.

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