August 20, 2003

Oxymoron: Wireless security

Think MAC address filtering on your WAP makes your wireless network secure? -- I did. Well, think again! The author of this article enabled WEP and MAC address filtering and turned off SSID broadcast and still managed to break into his own network in less than 2 hours. Course, for home networking, the question is how far do you need to go? Or maybe the question is what do you have on your home network that you wouldn't mind sharing with a casual hacker?

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Truer words ...

Today's horoscope from MyWay. How could anyone ever doubt the veracity of astrologers? :))


You'd like to think of yourself as the answer person, but you'll settle for being the resident idea generator. Brilliant thoughts flow through you as naturally as breathing. Idle words fall from your mouth with the ringing declaration of truth. If friends and associates are wise, they'll harness your brainpower to drive engines of commerce or education. You deserve a lot more than you're currently getting. Maybe this is the moment to renegotiate your contract. Popularity catches on like a trend or a rumor. What they're saying is all true, though. Sometimes you even impress yourself.

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August 19, 2003

Free network diagramming tool: Network Notepad

Pretty geeky but, then, who else would need to diagram a network? Developer's page is here.

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August 18, 2003

Analysis of C#

Windows::Developer Network magazine's published an analysis of C# in an article titled "Does C# Measure Up?". They compare it against C, C++, D and Java. Article info is here and the comparison is here.

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New Elf Bowling games

From Nstorm, the guys that brought you Elf Bowling, they've now got Elf Bowling 2 and Elf Bowling 3! These things are a real hoot. In the first game, Santa shoots his nasty little elves out of a very large bra (!) at some targets painted on nearby mountains. 2 and 3 continue the rather sick (but funny) tradition.

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Wi-Fi shootout: 35 miles on 802.11b!

From comes this link to the details of an Oklahoma City contest. Too bad 802.11b is only 11Mbps!

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Free tools to recover NT-based passwords

Happened across this in a LangaLetter. It's supposed to work for any NT-based system (NT, XP, Win2K).

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk. Note that it can/will screw things up if Encrypted File System (EFS) is used insofar as the encrypted files will be unreadable until you recall the original password.

Also listed: Trinity Rescue Kit - a Linux-based toolset which includes networking support and tools to make use of the network and it supports NTFS.

Check out the article ... it's got more tools (application-level password tools, for instance) as well as links to other sites and searches for more.

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August 17, 2003

Dan Gillmor is on the RSS bandwagon

Here's a link to his column in today's Mercury News. Some good links in it and some good information, too :)

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Where've I been?

Sorry, been mostly offline for the better part of the last week. Lots of stuff going on -- home, work and play -- and just not enough time to do it all.

My Archos Jukebox Studio 10 arrived on Friday (pretty good as I took the free shipping and Amazon estimated it would arrive anywhere from the 19th to the 21st). Charged it overnight and loaded it up with about 50 of my CDs on Saturday. I back up my CDs to MP3 at a fairly high bit rate -- generally VBR with a min of 160 -- but they only took up about half of the 10G I have available.

Just about the best part, though, is Rockbox -- an Open Source replacement for the firmware for most of the Archos line. I didn't know about Rockbox when I bought the thing so that wasn't a part of the reason I bought it, but the firmware adds a lot of function and the support from that group of people is just phenomenal. If you're thinking about buying a portable MP3 player/recorder, I'd suggest you seriously consider Archos! It's not the best or sexiest or coolest hardware around but you can't beat the support. Maybe there are similar things around for some of the other hardware like Creative, I dunno, but Rockbox is aces in my opinion.

And to think, I just kind of happened across it while looking for information about the jukebox online. Sometimes the Internet is a wunnerful thaing!

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